Changes to Pupil Email

As you may be aware the Life VLE Platform will be unavailable from 31st May 2015 for St Helens schools.

From an email perspective pupils’ email addresses are currently  In preparation for the discontinuation of Life, student email addresses will change from to

The configuration work will be completed on Monday 13th April 2015 so there will be some disruption to pupil email access during this day. After completion of this work and from Tuesday 14th April 2015: 

  • URL links to pupil email will remain unchanged.
  • If pupils are logging in externally (from a PC from home or on mobile devices using the St Cuthbert’s App) they will need to login with rather than
  • Access to pupil email within school remains unchanged.
  • All current emails will be retained
  • Passwords will remain the same
  • Emails sent to will continue to  be delivered.
  • When pupils send emails after Monday 13th April 2015 they will be sent from